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    Our wines

    Technical sheet

    Our wines

    GRAPE VARIETIES: Picolit single variety.
    SOIL: known as “ponca”, it consists of friable marlstone with good water retention properties, and is typical of the Collio zone.
    TRAINING SYSTEM: Guyot with 4,000 vines per hectare and short pruning which results in low yields and a high concentration of quality.
    VINIFICATION: 50% of the grapes undergo fermentation in small wooden vats and 50% in temperature controlled stainless steel vats at a controlled temperature of between +18° and +24°C.
    AGING: 8 months is barriques.
    ALCOHOL: 13.50%
    RESIDUAL SUGAR: 1.10 g/l.
    TOTAL ACIDITY: 6.80 g/l as tartaric acid.

    Tasting notes

    COLOR: golden yellow hue and sometimes with deep intensity.
    BOUQUET: pervasive, concentrated and fruit-driven with well-defined notes of acacia, freesia, apricot, ripe peach and hints of honey.
    TASTE: in the mouth it is appropriately sweet, warm and plush, it is beautifully balanced and harmonious offering a layered lingering aromatic finish.
    PAIRING: it is enjoyed as a sipping wine but can beautifully complement fois gras, gorgonzola served with honey, pear or fig preserve, and is pleasing with almond biscuits.
    SERVE: at a temperature between +14° and +15°C. Uncork half an hour before serving.
    CONSUMPTION AND AGING POTENTIAL: if stored in the proper conditions, its character remains unchanged for many years.

    BOTTLE SIZE: 0,50 L